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Quality poultry supplier

Among our suppliers are Banham Poultry, Gressingham Foods and JAK Foods. We also buy poultry from Robert Caldecott, who trades under the Holly Farm brand.                                                    

Robert supplies free-range chicken from his farm at Worcestershire and is also our main supplier of all bronze and white turkeys for the Christmas and Easter trade.

  • Fresh A Grade Chicken Whole Banham UK 1.0kg – 2.7kg Tied or Ev O/R
  • Fresh Crowns – Cut to requirement
  • Fresh Double Legs
  • Fresh Drumsticks
  • Fresh Oyster Cut Thighs
  • Fresh Inner Breast Fillet Uk – Bulk
  • Fresh Breast Fillets – 5 per pack TW Skin On or Skinless 180g, 210g, 230g
  • Fresh Breast Fillet EU
  • Fresh Supremes – 5 per pack TW Skin On or Skinless180g, 210g, 230g
  • Free Range Chicken Whole UK
  • Free Range Breast Fillet UK – 2 per pack TW
  • Free Range Legs UK – 2 per pack TW
  • Cornfed Chicken Whole EU – 8 per case
  • Cornfed Supremes EU – 4 per pack
  • Fresh Duck Gressingham UK1.7kg – 2.5kg
  • Fresh Duck Legs Gressingham  UK – 2 per pack Vac Pack
  • Fresh Duck Breast Gressingham UK – 2 per pack Vac Pack
  • Fresh Duck Breast EU – 2 per pack
  • Fresh Duck Legs EU – 2 per pack
  • Guinea Fowl Whole EU
  • Guinea Fowl Supremes EU – 2 per pack
  • Fresh Quail Bone In or Boneless
  • Hot Smoked Chicken Breast EU – 4 per pack
  • Hot Smoked Duck Breast EU – 2 per pack
  • Fresh Turkey Butterfly EU
  • Fresh Turkey Whole UK 11kg+

We can look to source other products and specialist cuts on request.

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